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Andrea Leadsom: ‘As a mother, I can assure you, I am a mother. Mother.’

Launching her bid to be Conservative Party leader on Monday, Andrea Leadsom assured mothers everywhere that she is also a mother, and as such, familiar with mothering.

And in a coded reference to fellow candidate, Home Secretary Theresa May, Ms Leadsom said: “Theresa May isn’t a mother. She isn’t familiar with mothering. Mothers everywhere should know that she is a childless – and maybe barren – spinster.”

She continued: “As a mother, I can assure you – I am a mother. Mother. MotherMother.”

“I’m your mother. I’m your mother. Let me be your mother. Mother,” Ms Leadsom added. “How will I improve the country? Mother.”

Pressed on her financial interests as a former City banker, Ms Leadsom said the idea she might have avoided paying inheritance tax was “ridiculous” as she had been “so busy being a mother”.

“Mother,” she added.

Former London mayor Boris Johnson was quick to endorse Ms Leadsom, praising her “for being good with children”.

“Give her your children,” Johnson added. “Give her them now. She’ll make them good at hockey. She’ll mother them appropriately. She has treats in her bag.”

Ms Leadsom has seen her stock rise in the polls ever since Michael Gove attempted to make promises in a speech at the weekend.

The Tory grassroots are sympathetic towards the idea of backing a Brexiteer over favourite Theresa May and they’ll pretty much settle for anyone, a party insider said.


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