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Fresh outrage as Trump tells Muslim soldier’s mother: ‘Yo son’

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has caused a fresh round of outrage after replying to criticism from bereaved mother Ghazala Khan by saying “now we know why she wasn’t allowed to speak” before candidly adding “yo son”.

Mrs Khan hit back at him following the White House hopeful’s response to her husband Khizr Khan’s lambasting of Trump during an emotional speech at a Democratic convention, in which Trump suggested that Mrs Khan was “not allowed to have anything to say”.

That speech, which regarded the death of their son and US Army officer Captain Humayun Khan in Iraq and claimed that Trump “didn’t know sacrifice”, was delivered by Mr Khan while Mrs Khan stood silently by his side.

But even after Mrs Khan cited an understandably heavy weight of emotion for her silence, the controversial candidate was strident in defending himself and renewed his attack on Mrs Khan, who he called “a white noise machine, the biggest white noise machine in the world, I should patent it and sell it to ghost hunters like she is, that’s an irony and a big loop, the biggest loop I’ve seen.”

“I’m a big guy and I’ve heard a lot, I hear things all the time, I have excellent hearing and I know a lot that’s going on, just not about Muslims just now but I will soon, I know and we all do know now why she wasn’t allowed to speak, it’s all just poopie talk, I won’t take that, all I have to say to you, Mrs Khan, is yo son. Yo son.”

He also noted that “there was no evidence that Captain Khan didn’t trigger the bomb on purpose”, before going on to say that he was uncomfortable with the family being honoured, saying: “There was Genghis Khan who killed a lot of people, and Khan who killed Spock, maybe we shouldn’t be letting in all these Khans.”

This new attack comes despite heavy condemnation from both parties, with Democratic running mate Tim Kaine suggesting Trump has no empathy, former Republican rival John Kasich stating that one has to talk about “gold star parents” with “honour and respect”, and Republican adviser Randall Flagg shaking his head and saying “Jesus Christ, cool it.”

Khizr Khan challenges Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to read his copy of the U.S. Constitution at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mr Trump said that Mr and Mrs Khan should “concentrate on not being Muslim” before criticising him.

Trump refuted claims that he should “have to” respect Gold Star parents, saying: “That’s not a rule, it wouldn’t make sense for that to be a rule, it’s not in the constitution, they say I haven’t read it but I know that rule isn’t there, a gold star isn’t that unique, I got a lot of gold stars in elementary school.”

“I got one for a picture I drew, it was me riding a T-Rex into a war, I haven’t seen Captain Khan get a gold star for doing that, I had a bazooka in one hand and a flamethrower in the other, my hat had a gun I could shoot with my eyebrow, it was a great picture and looked very real, I’m gonna be an artist soon, I’m opening an art gallery in New York City, it’s called TrumpArt, it’s very fabulous.”

And he didn’t stop there, as he responded to Mr Khan’s suggestion that his son wouldn’t have even been able to come to the United States were Trump president by saying: “If they hadn’t come to the US, Captain Khan wouldn’t have joined the army and wouldn’t have died, they wouldn’t need to criticise me, that proves I’d be a great president, I’d stop sons from dying, I’d bring the dead back to life, I’d be a great necromancer.”

Captain Khan died in 2004 at the age of 27 after the detonation of a car bomb in Baquabah, a city thirty one miles north of Baghdad in Iraq, and was honoured at the recent Democratic rally where Mr Khan delivered his speech, in which the father said Trump hadn’t “sacrificed anything” despite his claims to the contrary.

When asked during an ABC interview on Sunday what sacrifices he had made, Trump replied: “I work very, very hard, I’ve created thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, millions of jobs, I’ve built great buildings like Trump Tower and Schloss Trump, I’ve had tremendous success, I think I’ve done a lot, I’ve done it all, I did more than Jesus Christ and it was a sacrifice that I couldn’t say that.

“I always wanted to be Iron Man but I had to give that up, that’s a sacrifice, I had to divorce two women for my career and that’s a big sacrifice, I planned to have a harem but couldn’t do that because it’d ruin my career because it’s a illegal unless you’re a Mormon, I could have been a Mormon but I had to sacrifice that for my success, I’d be the greatest Mormon in the cosmos, I’d make Joseph Smith look like a jerkoff.”

Despite the outrage caused by Trump’s recent utterances, it is widely believed that they will not have a detrimental effect on his campaign, with US political commentator Slam Morrisette telling The Daily Belter: “It looks big, but chances are most people won’t give a fuck. Trump could admit to killing JFK right now and it wouldn’t matter.”

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