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Davidson: I will turn Coburn into a Prince

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson has said she would turn UKIP MEP David Coburn from a toad to a prince, hitting back at derisory comments by her rival Kezia Dugdale.

The Scottish Labour leader chastised UKIP’s Scottish MEP for having “gash” ideas about toasters, insinuating they are irrelevant to the daily lives of the Scottish people.

Davidson defended Coburn, and said Dugdale’s comments were “out of line, and out of touch with the Scottish people.”

She added: “Millions of Scots will be waking up this morning to a slice of toast and honey, or jam, or peanut butter. David, for all his faults, is right to champion the toaster for Scots.

“In her interview [with Gary Tank Commander], Kez made Dave out to be some kind of toad. I find Dave amusing, so I might just turn him into a prince, one day.”

Dugdale was speaking to Gary Tank Commander, and also admitted she does not like willy, which Davidson said she was “surprised” to hear.

The Scottish Tory leader will be speaking to Gary in the next of BBC Scotland’s Short Stuff series of leader interviews.

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"Even on the most exalted throne in the world we are only sitting on our own bottom" - Montaigne.

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