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French mayors uphold burkini ban to keep beaches ‘sexy, not terroristy’

Mayors of French beachside towns have defied a French court order rescinding a ban on the wearing of ‘burkinis’, insisting they will uphold the sanction on “provocatively un-provocative” Muslim women in order to keep beaches “sexy, and not terroristy”.

A ruling by the Council of State yesterday suspended the controversial ban in Villeneuve-Loubet, and the court stated that outlawing the garment, which allows Muslim women to adopt swimwear but obey Islamic law, “seriously and clearly illegally breached fundamental freedoms” of French citizens.

But almost thirty towns including Nice, Frejus and Sisco will continue to stop Muslims from not disclosing their legs, arms, midriff, cleavage and hair, having already been seen to disrobe women at gunpoint in order to prevent terror and intimidation.

The burkini is not mentioned by name in any of the bans, which instead stipulates that “beachwear must be respectful of good public manners and the principle of secularism”, presumably meaning the simultaneous outlawing of cruciform necklaces, fish pendants, bindis, turbans, kippahs, vestments, red strings, headscarfs and super skinny jeans.

The mayor of Villeneuve-Loubet, Lionnel Luca, has insisted that his actions were merely to “keep politics out of bulging bathing suits” and to prevent his beach from “becoming a soapbox for the religious wings being political and provocatively un-provocative with their no-skin, and culture stuff”.

Burkini Removal

French police insist that “public decency and the common good” forces them to unclothe women in public.

He replied to the ruling banning his ban by saying: “We need to decide if we want a smiley, friendly version of sharia law on our beaches or if we want the rules of the Republic to be implemented. Obviously they both sound nice, but I mean the second one, the second one is better. I just pray to God that the government finds some common sense on this.”

David Rachline, mayor of Frejus and a politician for the National Front, backed his peer and said: “We need to keep our beaches more sexy, less terroristy. When the people see Muslim things, they’re reminded of Muslims, which reminds them of some terrorists being Muslim. Obviously this is very deliberate, and very political.

“They’re politicising themselves silly out there as they frolic with their offensive children, who could easily have bombs. And where are their husbands? Bombing? To those who complain about us insisting on our own security, I say that upholding the principles which make us an enemy to fundamentalist Islam and totalitarian evil is absolutely the last thing we should be doing right now.”

And Ange-Pierre Vivoni, the mayor of the Corsican town of Sisco where a mass brawl took place a fortnight ago, added to the chorus of defiance as he said: “People flock to the Riviere and the sea and the beaches, and you’re telling them and our scared people that some Arab’s religious freedom is more important than their right to not be challenged by difference and to see tits? Unacceptable.”

Despite growing international concern, recent polls in France have shown that the majority of people are in favour of the bans, and even Prime Minister Manual Valls has expressed his support, saying it denounces “fatal, retrograde Islam” by forcing people bound by their faith to choose between curtailed freedoms, disrespecting their God or life-shattering and potentially fatal apostasy. Over fucking swimwear.

Early so-called reports suggest that so-called senior figures in so-called Islamic State are currently “in a state of so called riotous delight” over the mayors’ so-called decision.

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