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Party leaders team up against establishment ghouls

Four party leaders from the UK have teamed up in a blockbuster movie, which will see the leaders battling against the dusty ghouls of the establishment.

In the greatest show of Celtic unity to date, Nicola Sturgeon, Ruth Davidson, and Kezia Dugdale join Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood in the latest Ghostbusters movie.

The foursome say their mission is to combat the ghosts and ghouls of establishment politics, and take on Destructor Jeremy Corbyn.

Kezia Dugdale said: “It is very exciting. We are hoping for a good turnout over the next few days. The film was great to shoot, and Jeremy was a great sport.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon added: “There are a lot of mental events going on down in Westminster just now, and we – along with Leanne – were concerned we would just be forgotten about.

“We could have made a deliberate cock-up of something just to make the headlines, but this was a much better idea.”

Ghostbusters: The Battle for Less Fuck-Ups is in cinemas now.

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“It is worth ascending unexiting heights if for nothing else than to see the big ones from nearer their own level.” - Nan Shepherd

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