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MI6 using Pokémon GO to distract Brits from impending racist dictatorship

A new “augmented reality” game taking Britain by storm is actually an MI6 plot designed to distract the country from the plot of V for Vendetta coming true.

‘Pokémon GO’ was created by tech boffins working for the Secret Intelligence Service in a bid to numb citizens to the horrors of Britain’s imminent racist dictatorship.

Indeed, a secret extension to the mobile app changes all instances of the word ‘Pokemon’ to ‘Immigrants’ – done so subtly and subliminally, say experts, that many otherwise tolerant users of the game are unaware they are shouting at Chinese families.

The extension – codenamed ‘Immigrants! Gotta catch them all!’ – is apparently added to the game upon its first automatic update on Android.

A security source who wished to remain unnamed said: “Higher-ups are getting very nervous about possible post-Brexit divisions, and maybe even rioting.

“They figured Pikachu was a cuddly, uniting kind of creature who might help simmer down Brits to their usual dead-eyed, queue-loving drudgery.

“On the other hand, we’re also worried that when the proper dictatorship kicks off in September and they start locking up the different people, some people might not take too kindly.

“We’re hoping the ‘Immigrants! Gotta catch them all!’ extension turns them all around to that ‘Then they came for the Jews, and I said nothing’ kinda mentality.”

In the meantime, enjoy your game, you racists.


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