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The Spanish Prime Minister has ‘always been a cunt’, claims Sturgeon

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy has “always been a cunt”, Nicola Sturgeon told the BBC this morning.

The criticism comes after Rajoy’s press conference yesterday, where he seemingly rebuffed Scottish attempts to negotiate directly with EU leaders, telling Sturgeon: “You can’t sit at our table, so nyeh nyeh nyeh.”

But in Spanish.

The Scottish First Minister and Queen in the North responded in this morning’s interview that Mr Rajoy was “a cockwomble to the Nth degree”.

She said: “He and his aides and allies spend most of their time when we’re in Brussels sticking their legs out to try and trip us up.

“Our MEPs report they do this all year round. They’ve even made a game out of seeing how many of our shoelaces they can tie together.

“He’s always been a cunt. The Spanish can fucking do one. Except for that long-haired leftie. He’s alright.”

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