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“Be careful what you wish for,” say aliens

Aliens have issued a stark warning to the Leave campaign as Brits head to the polls to decide between perpetual coverage of David Cameron high-fiving Jean-Claude Juncker and an Independence Day-style apocalypse.

The aliens, who float in as-of-yet unclaimed territory above Earth and are thus described as pirates, said Boris Johnson’s desire for an Independence Day might give post-Brexit UK a nasty surprise.

“We understand one of your kind, a… BoJo? Yes, that he believes the 24th June Earth-Year 2016 will be Britain’s ‘Independence Day.’

“We would hate to spoil BoJo’s party, but he might want to be careful what he wishes for.”

The polls for the referendum are currently neck and neck, and no one can tell whether Britain is rocketing for an exit, or staying on terra firma with a vote to remain a member of the EU.

This latest warning from the alien pirates has been called last-minute “scaremongering” by the Leave side, whilst it is understood the warning will feature on some of Remain’s social media pages.

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