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Solidarity and UKIP in joint pledge on sexual harrassment

Unveiling their Holyrood candidates earlier today, both UKIP and Solidarity pledged to take radical action to address sexual harassment.

At a joint press conference, David Coburn, Emperor of UKIP Scotland™, and Tommy Sheridan of Solidarity, admitted their parties hadn’t done enough on sexual harassment.

“There needs to be more of it,” conceded Coburn. “Much much more.”


Emperor of UKIP Scotland™ David Coburn waves to his Periscope fans

Nodding in agreement, Sheridan added:

“It takes a big man to be willing to sit here next to an ideological opponent on areas of common ground. David Coburn is certainly that big man.”


“We both know that more can be done on sexual harassment. We’ve led the way in Solidarity, I think, on how to ignore allegations within a party and how to cover-up these things from the authorities, so that more men can have the right to sexually harass.”


“It’s truly what separates Solidarity from all the other left-wing pretenders we are forced to compete with.”

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