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Cameron announces future career as husky farmer

Outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he is to move into husky farming, after he steps down as PM later today.

The Prime Minister, who has had a soft spot for huskies since the beginning, has said it was always his dream to ride with a team of huskies, “and feel the wind blowing through my hair.”

Speaking to The Daily Belter, he said: “Since taking office I have dreamed of riding huskies through the snows of the Arctic Circle, bringing happiness to the children and young families.

“I have been in talks with Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband, and it looks as if we might be having a grand reunion tour together, so expect to see more of the Three Musketeers in the future.

“I hear Top Gear is not having such a great time, so perhaps Top Sled: Three Idiots and a Husky Farm might take off.”

Samantha Cameron, David’s wife, said she was proud of her husband’s new career prospects: “Husky farming is something Dave has talked about a lot. He had toyed with pig farming, but in the light of recent events I doubt that would be a good idea.”

Cameron, who was interviewed in Siberia, looked out on the wild horizons and took in the sights. He added: “There are so many fantastically corrupt countries out there, who I think just need a little more husky in their lives.

“Maybe we will change things. Maybe we won’t. I will leave the referendums to them.”

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