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May: Scrap human rights to make Leadsom ‘less than human’

Theresa May has called for scrapping the UK’s membership of the European Human Rights Convention so as to officially make Andrea Leadsom “less than human”.

May was responding to allegations by her Conservative leadership rival Leadsom, who accused her of being “some sort of sick Darth Sidious” for not having children.

The frontrunner to become Conservative leader and Prime Minister fired back: “One of the first moves I will make after my election – because I assure you, I am going to win – will be to remove the UK from the Human Rights Convention.

“This will bring many benefits. For instance, we can ensure refugees are given ‘lower class’ status in law, and ensure Andrea Leadsom can be readily defined as ‘less than human’.”

The remarks came after Leadsom released a statement saying she was irate that a newspaper had reported exactly what she had said in a recorded interview.

She said: “It is Jedi and Sith who are banned from having children is it not? I mean, I know that Vader boy has kids, but – who is his boss again? Sidious!

“Yes, Theresa is like some kind of Darth Sidious…What do I mean by that? [Laughter] Have you seen her? She looks like a weathered turnip in drag!”

The comments have been vehemently attacked in social media, with one person tweeting: “[Leadsom] is Katie Hopkins’ sister but Katie won’t have anything to do with her.”

Leadsom spoke in-depth of the sacrifices she made to become a mother: “I was a banker; I have set-up charities; I was the drummer for The Beatles before I had to stop, and then Ringo came in.

“My CV is there for all to see.”

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