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Angela Eagle announces that she will announce leadership challenge in announcement about the announcement

Labour MP Angela Eagle has pre-announced her candidacy for the Labour leadership in an announcement about an announcement where she will announce something worth announcing.

Eagle told reporters today: “I’ll be making an announcement of my leadership candidacy on Monday, in an announcement. Tomorrow there will be another announcement that will announce where the announcement will be and clarify what it will announce.”

She continued: “I felt the need to announce my candidacy due to the failure of Jeremy Corbyn to announce that he will announce his resignation.”

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson, who cancelled negotiations with trade unions this weekend responded: “I’m glad that Angela has taken the initiative and announced this announcement, hopefully there is an announcement of a leadership contest soon, and subsequently an announcement of Angela as the new leader.”

Now that the announcement train has started, it will be difficult to stop it.

Labour leader Corbyn has stated that he “refuses to even make a pre-announcement of an announcement of my resignation. There’s nothing to announce. Or pre-announce.”

There is, as yet, no official announcement of any announcement by the Labour Party, but some sort of announcement is expected in the next few hours.

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