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Pokédollar leapfrogs Pound

The Pound slumped again yesterday, falling behind the Pokédollar for the first time sine the latter currency was invented in 1995.

Uncertainty over Brexit has resulted in an unstable Pound. Meanwhile, a surplus of golden nuggets and Moon Stones has seen the Pokédollar rise to £0.95.

A spokesman for the Global PokéMart said the change is positive for Poké Trainers travelling to Britain.

“This opens up new possibilities for Trainers testing themselves against some of the best in the UK. Most of them have never left the Kanto region, and to face different Pokémon from the UK will be an exciting opportunity.”

One Trainer said he was excited at the new opportunity: “I have researched some of the Pokémon from the UK. Most have spectacles and tend to sport a tweed-like fur.

“My favourite so far is the Gover – The poison Pokémon. Gover’s behaviour is often erratic, and is known to attack his teammates when provoked.”

There are suspicions that Team Rocket are the cause of the currency slump, but the international criminals have yet to release statement.

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“It is worth ascending unexiting heights if for nothing else than to see the big ones from nearer their own level.” - Nan Shepherd

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