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Downing Street cat favourite for PM job

The famous Downing Street moggy is tipped as the favourite to replace David Cameron as Prime Minister when he steps aside in October.

Cameron said he would step down after the Brexit vote last week, and would have a new leader for the Conservative Party Conference in October.

It is understood the cat, Larry, was a prominent campaigner for the Brexit vote, arguing the rodent stowaways from the Continent are losing their vintage flavour.

While cats have been notoriously difficult to pin down on the In/Out issue, Larry was well-known in the corridors of power for scratching at the door as if he wanted to get out whenever he was in the same room as European dignitaries.

Larry, who is a cat, was unavailable for comment, but his trainer did provide a statement on his behalf.

“Larry has been an easily-recognised face on Downing Street since he was appointed as Chief Mouser in 2011.

“He is now approaching his 10th birthday, and believes there is still another path to take in his illustrious career.”

Larry tweeted following the Brexit vote “Not a dream then…”, understood to mean it exceeds what he believed possible.

He has also mocked Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet problems, writing: “More of a shadow bookshelf now…”

Larry has not announced an official bid for the position, but some feel his position is far stronger than Boris Johnson’s.

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