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Queen: I would rather open a new Burger King than do this shit

The Queen has been quizzed on her remarks before the state opening of Parliament today, when she is believed to have said she’d rather open a new Burger King at Buckingham Palace than “do this shit at Parliament”.

It is in the wake of a series of Palace hiccups in recent weeks, with Elizabeth backing a Brexit, and admitting she believed the gold/white or blue/black dress was, in fact, “sapphire and charcoal.”

The Queen is reported as saying: “Sixty-three times I have opened Parliament. For Heaven’s sake, why can one not have a Burger King close at hand?

“One would rather have a ceremony opening a Burger King than this monkey’s party. At least one gets something at the end of the day.”

It is believed the Queen was referring to the list of Government U-turns in recent months, with their decision not to force all English schools to become academies.

When the Palace was questioned on the remarks, it declined to comment directly, but did say the Queen preferred a “cheeky Nando’s to a Burger King anyway.”

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