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Embarrassment for Cameron after he is recorded admitting to old woman he really did have sex with a dead pig

David Cameron has been left red-faced after he was caught on camera telling an old woman and the Archbishop of Canterbury that putting one’s package in a dead pig’s mouth and singing the national anthem were “possibly two of the greatest sensations in the world”.

The embarrassment was compounded due to the international Anti-Necrophilia-and-Bestiality summit Cameron was supposed to be hosting in London on Thursday.

The Prime Minister made the remarks at a Buckingham Palace event to mark an old woman’s mysterious longevity.

Cameron said to the old woman:

“Entering a deceased decapitated pig’s mouth and singing that song you like are possibly two of the greatest sensations in the world.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury, also present, replied: “Really? I heard the former wasn’t that great.”

Cameron responded: “That’s exactly what someone who’s never tried it would say.”

Turning back to the old woman, he added: “It’s really fantastically decadent, you should tell your grandsons to try it sometime.”

The international Anti-Necrophilia-and-Bestiality summit may now have to be cancelled over fears that having a confessed pig-fucker host the event may harm its credibility.


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