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Scottish Greens: “Our commitment to independence is unw-w-w-wavering”

Launching their Holyrood manifesto today, the Scottish Greens restated their support for independence, saying they were “up for it so long as everyone else is.”

Co-convenor Maggie Chapman told reporters:

“We will fight tooth and nail for independence, 100%… well, maybe more like 90%. Somewhere between 80 and 85%, most likely. And not tooth and nail, more like… gum and toe. We’ll fight around 82% for independence, gum and toe.”

“Our commitment to independence is unw-w-w-wavering,” added Ross Greer. “We’re up for it so long as everyone else is, but like, we don’t want people to go just because we said so. I mean, if no one else wants to go, then we don’t have to, that’s fine.”

The Scottish Greens had faced some scrutiny from the media on their pro-independence position, after Chapman said she would support another independence referendum if 100,000 signed a petition, then later changed the figure to 1 million.

They released a further press release later in the evening revising the figure to 10 million.

“When the Scottish population are ready, and have doubled in size, we’ll be right behind them,” the statement concluded.

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1 Comment on Scottish Greens: “Our commitment to independence is unw-w-w-wavering”

  1. adamaramsay // April 13, 2016 at 1:29 am // Reply

    If I were to write a strategy to lose the next referendum, it would probably start with denouncing yes supporters as not being yes enough.


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