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Theresa May cast as new Doctor Who companion

In a somewhat unexpected move, the BBC have announced today that Home Secretary Theresa May has been cast as the new companion to join Peter Capaldi in the upcoming series of Doctor Who.

In recent years, the hit BBC teatime drama has been criticised by some audiences for a left-wing and “blatant gay agenda”, which in 2014 caused Ofcom to receive an astronomical six complaints from right-wing viewers.

An “anti-Thatcher agenda” plagued the series back in the 1980s, and this latest development signals a marked change for the programme.

A BBC spokesperson told us: “Steven Moffat and the team held numerous auditions for Jenna Coleman’s replacement, but ultimately it was decided that there was nobody better for the job than Theresa May.”

The spokesperson added:

“We feel that Doctor Who has lost a vital right-wing audience in recent years and Theresa’s casting will very much appease and appeal to this sector.”

Leaked script notes for the upcoming series involve The Doctor and May attempting to deport the Daleks back to their home planet, Skaro, from the UK. Other episodes will involve the characters placing Sontarans and Cybermen in squalid detention centres prior to extradition.

uk border dalek

A still from May’s first episode

Her new role will mean that May will be forced to resign as UK Home Secretary, with David Cameron expected to announce Billie Piper as her replacement in the coming days.

Theresa May will make her Doctor Who debut in The Migrant Crisis of the Daleks this Christmas.


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