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Scottish Information Commissioner to ban opposition parties “until after the elections”

Scotland’s Information Commissioner has decided to ban all parties who aren’t the SNP until after May’s Holyrood poll, due to concerns they might “put forward a critical view of Ministers”.

The SIC said:

“This is not a political decision. But it’s clear that Labour, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, Greens, RISE and UKIP are planning to publish information in the run-up to May’s elections that might make the Scottish Government look bad.


“That is not what Freedom of Information is all about. Thus, I have decided our only recourse is to ban them all.”


Scotland’s opposition parties reacted angrily to the Commissioner’s decision, with the exception of RISE, who are said to be “looking forward to the notoriety.”

The SIC offered a fig-leaf to opposition politicians, saying that their parties could expect to be “thoroughly unbanned” as soon as the final election results are in.

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