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Wings Over Scotland getting briefly banned from Twitter ‘kind of funny’, admits everyone

Twitter’s overnight decision to suspend the unfailingly polite Wings Over Scotland was “sort of hilarious”, nearly everyone on Scottish Twitter has admitted.

While the temporary ban raised serious questions about free speech, journalism and Twitter’s banning policies, many users struggled to get beyond a sense of gleeful schadenfreude.

One user told us: “Well, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer… pfff-fff-fff, hahahaha, sorry I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t finish that sentence.”

They added: “It’s difficult to weep with anything another than laughter when a walloper gets banned off something. Then again, free speech and stuff. I’m torn. Haha. Ha.”

In the past hour the account has been reinstated, with jubilant tweets from the official Wings page including: “I’m back, hahaha you twats”, “Now I’m going to come for you and your families” and “I think this means it’s time for #indyref2″.

But in a more reflective tweet, Wings did add that the suspension had been “a bit funny”.

The Wings Over Scotland Twitter account was taken down after a Daily Express journalist apparently complained to the social media platform’s support team about a barrage of hostile tweets she received from Wings’ supporters, after the popular pro-independence outlet described the journalist as “a disgrace” to its thousands of followers.

While not justification for a ban in of itself, it is well-known that Wings’ followers have a microchip installed on the back of their heads at birth which the website can turn on and off at will, and thereby force its supporters into doing terrible things, like say “cunt” on Twitter.

The reasons for Wings’ ban remain unclear, given that “disgrace” is kind of just a normal word, and Twitter were seemingly unable to prove the veracity of the mass-mind-control rumours circulating around the website, which made their case flimsier than the reasons why Brock Turner is not in jail.

The website’s creator, Reverend Stuart Campbell, a practising reverend based in Bath and probably practising as we speak, has been no stranger to controversy, having once remarked on the 1989 Hillsborough disaster: “I wish I’d been there, to see it, and laugh at it, and pray to the Lord to make it worse.”

He also once said of transgender people that “I hate them all” and believes that “all-women shortlists are for gays – praise the Lord”.


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2 Comments on Wings Over Scotland getting briefly banned from Twitter ‘kind of funny’, admits everyone

  1. kevinparafinlamp // September 13, 2016 at 10:45 pm // Reply

    Who are you, Dan? Never previously seen your blog, know nothing about you.
    Any followers? Any influence?
    You’re a funny guy, Dan, you know, like curiously odd.
    Whitehill farce


  2. Getting banned by pointing out the truth to a ukok paper using lies against wings the truth was seen wings gets back on line.


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