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Brave politician defies facts and Cox to expose megalomaniacal UN conspiracy

Australian politician Malcolm Roberts has taken the good fight to a global stage after he bravely defied the use of scientific evidence and facts by stooge scientist Brian Cox to selflessly expose a megalomaniacal conspiracy by the United Nations to falsify climate change as a means to somehow create an unelected, totalitarian world government.

Roberts, of Australia’s right wing – as opposed to wrong wing – One Nation party, was appearing on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s panel show Q&A alongside former musician and Hannibal Lecter actor Cox, where the facetious subject of global warming was brought up again and again by typical leftist hippie audience members.

Despite being the plucky underdog in a studio made up of lapdogs for the evil Hitler+ UN plot, Roberts defiantly sidestepped Cox’s use of empirical data and reasoned arguments and called for empirical data and reasoned arguments to validate claims of climate change and thus disprove that NASA is corrupting evidence as part of their sickening tryst with the Stalinist new world order.

And by the end of the programme it was clear that the unmoved and unidiotic Roberts was the victor of this duel as he struck a powerful blow for the truth, with the distinctly feminine looking Cox driven to despair in defeat and throwing a graph at the hero politician, who honourably declined to press charges of assault.

Roberts was elected to the Australian senate this year after long mounting a grass roots operation to debunk global warming claims, including leading the Galileo Movement, named for Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, who famously championed the belief that the sun orbits the earth and that heliocentrism is a global conspiracy by Jews.

Lonnie Johnson

NASA scientist Lonnie Johnson has found a way to enforce the evil organisation’s will while avoiding gun control.

In 2011 he protested his obligation to pay carbon tax, even writing a letter to then Prime Minister Julia Gillard explaining why he wasn’t going to pay the large sum of money for purely principled reasons, and has continually blown his huge whistle prior to taking on Cox.

It proved to be an exhilarating bout and an inspiration to children everywhere, very much like Oliver Stone’s classic film JFK, as Roberts laid out how NASA, the UN, the majority of the world’s scientists, immigrants, homosexuals and the indigenous community were colluding to artificially create a climate change ‘epidemic’ as a smokescreen.

Celebrated physicist and routine Hollywood bad guy Cox reverted to citing scientific consensus and the views of leading experts in an attempt to silence Roberts, and when this miserably failed Cox turned to a graph showing an upward trajectory which may well have been about Roberts’ awesomeness and his lack of partisan rhetoric and regressive stupidity.

Roberts easily identified the folly and unscientific nature of relying on expert opinions and scientific consensus when deciding on major issues, as well as noting that since NASA has a stranglehold on everything, empirical data identifying climate change only proves that it doesn’t exist.

It proved to be a limited victory for the heroic and very sexy Roberts, however, as the laughter of audience hyenas and the insistence by crony science minister Greg Hunt that the lie will be taken seriously suggests we will all walk into the Machiavellian foreign dystopia willingly as we swallow hard and regret even harder, probably because of the Muslims.

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