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Boris Johnson screams like a little girl and runs away

Boris Johnson has run away screaming like a little girl, it has been confirmed.

The former London mayor was supposed to run for the Tory Party leadership but opted to take flight instead after a man with glasses shouted “Boo!” at him.

The bespectacled man had apparently promised not to shout “Boo!” at Mr Johnson on multiple occasions.

The assembled crowd were left stunned after a clearly-frightened Mr Johnson abandoned the stage and sprinted for the exit.

“It wasn’t funny running-away like you’d expect from him,” an eyewitness said. “It was sad running-away.”

Another onlooker commented: “Boris let out this high-pitched cry – like a five or six-year-old girl who had just discovered a decapitated puppy – and legged it like a lurcher.”

The man in glasses is going to run for Tory Party leader instead now.

His manifesto launch poster consists of his face with the word “Boo!” underneath in bold letters.

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