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George RR Martin has nearly finished the Chilcot Report

After years of waiting and feverish speculation, George RR Martin has finally revealed the publication date for the latest instalment in his epic war and politics saga, which will be called ‘The Chilcot Report’.

Martin’s latest novel will come out on July 6.

The story will switch focus to follow the travails of intrepid explorer Sir John of House Chilcot as he seeks to get to the bottom of one of the Kingdom’s greatest mysteries: what was the real reason for the Great War in the East?

Sir John faces many obstacles in his quest, not least his own inability to concentrate and his love of food.

Martin has said in interviews previously that “what Sir John is, really, is a mirror of myself”, adding teasingly in a ComicCon appearance last year: “John spends much of the story really struggling with the plot”.

Characters not seen for a while are said to make a reappearance, in what Martin’s publisher promised would be “mind-blowing flashbacks”.

“Lord Blair, former head of House Downing, and Emperor Bush the Second from across the Western Sea will both come back – in shocking ways,” she said.

Wagging a finger, though, she added: “But don’t be expecting all the answers all at once now!”

The HBO adaptation of Martin’s saga, ‘Game of Chilcot’, is already said to have given some of the story’s key plot-points away, including the revelation that Emperor Bush the Second was a bastard, and that his real parents were his cousins.

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