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Scots giving “taps” back to shops

As Scotland’s temperature soars beyond 10°C, supermarkets and stores have been reclaiming t-shirts and tops as Scots rid themselves of the unnecessary garments.

River Island, Topshop, and Marks and Spencer reported they had been swamped by half naked customers, who demanded they take back their upper-body clothing.

A spokeswomen from M&S said the reaction to the warm climate had been beyond expectations: “This is insane. The weather has been amazing, but I hadnae expected this kind of reaction.

“There’s folk from all over the place, blokes dancing about asking for refunds with their shirts above their heads – women too! It’s mad.”

Some customers had to be turned away, due to their clothing being designated “Pure Stinking” on the B.O chart.

One member of staff spoke of how they ended up with a bra on their head, whilst others claimed to be “scarred for life”.

A customer spoke to The Daily Belter, and said: “The weather is so braw, and these idiots aren’t going to give me my money back for this t-shirt!

“Where is the customer service in that?”

Extra staff have been put on to cope with demand, and stores have said they will answer as many customers’ concerns as possible.


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