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Survival of Scotland’s favourite Bru under threat

Scotland’s favourite hangover drink, Irn-Bru, is under threat because of a risk of ingredient shortages.

AG Barr, Irn-Bru’s owners, have said Tata Steel’s announcement to sell its UK business means risking a shortage of girders.

A spokesperson for AG Barr said the situation was “mince”, and added:

“Tata’s announcement to sell its UK business hurts the production of Irn-Bru, as it risks a shortage of our key ingredient – girders.”

The news comes just weeks after the Chancellor George Osborne announced plans to implement a sugar tax in the UK, which will add to pressures on Scotland’s “other favourite drink.”

“Tata are known for the steel business,” the spokesperson said, “but their business in pig iron, soft iron, and cast iron will be a right pain in the arse for us.”

The company has said it is looking at contingency plans, but said rumours of missing pieces of the Forth Rail Bridge were “unrelated.”

Tata Steel directly employs 15,000 people in the UK, and has already closed two plants in Scotland.

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