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Parents complain after Channel 5 run “Scarface-esque” episode of Peppa Pig

Channel 5 has received a record number of complaints after running as part of their children’s programming an episode of hit cartoon Peppa Pig that one irate parent called “a grisly bloodbath”.

The “Scarface-esque” episode saw Peppa discover a taste for cocaine before plunging into the nefarious local underworld. He later beat Richard Rabbit to death with a lead pipe, and had an explicit orgy with Mummy, Daddy and Zoe Zebra.

One father wrote into Channel 5:

“This was the best damn episode of Peppa Pig I’ve ever seen. But it wasn’t appropriate for my three year-old.”

Peppa Pig writers are said to have defended the episode in a crisis meeting with Channel 5 bosses, arguing it was important to begin showing Peppa’s character development.

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