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Outrage at revelations Alistair Carmichael asked STV’s Rona Dougall for help with legal fees

Cybernats are venting spleen after it emerged that Lib Dem Scots MP Alistair Carmichael, or “Lonely” to his mates, approached Scotland Tonight presenter Rona Dougall to ask for help with his legal bill.

One nationalist blogger called the beleaguered MP “despicable sub-human scum.”

The exchanges were discovered after the SNP’s Cyber-Controller dispatched a team of stormtroopers to locate the droid Carmichael was using for communications.

Inititally, the troopers hadn’t been sure if it was the droid they were looking for, as it had looked more like a civil service droid as opposed to a Liberal Democrat droid.

But a miniature video hologram held by the droid showed Carmichael on his knees as though praying, before tearfully appealing to the STV star:

“Help me Rona Dougall, you’re my only hope.”

Dougall was unavailable for comment, although reports suggest she forcefully denied the request, telling Carmichael: “You have allowed a Dark Lord to twist your mind.”

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