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Adele is “dividing Glasgow into a two-tier society,” warns bitter and forgetful mother of two

An angry mother who forgot to buy tickets for her daughters to see Welshwoman Adele at the Hydro tonight has lashed out at the singer for “penalising” her.

“Apparently there’s no tickets left,” said Aileen Hamilton, 35. “But somehow, there’s loads of them getting sold online for £750 a pop.”

She added:

“How stupid does she think we are? It’s clear what she’s doing. She’s dividing Glasgow, for her own financial gain, into a two-tier society – those who can afford Adele tickets, and those who cannot.


“Does she hate children?”

Welshwoman Adele’s agent spoke to reporters briefly over the concerns:

“The price is the price,” said Hermann Schlecker, chomping a cigar. “She don’t like it – go fuck yaself. Kapeesh?”

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